Working home made hydro Generator/ Runs two refrigerators free electricity

Working home made hydro Generator/ Runs two refrigerators free electricity

Watch my micro hydro generator system produce 12 amps/ 30 volts at 170 rpms. No pullys direct drive. Low rpm permanent magnet Generator. I build these as a hobby and have sold a few. To see it used on a water wheel go to glowinglasscreations. This generator will last for generations will little maintenance. The bearings and parts are common. Mine is over ten years old and I have only had to put grease in it once a year. I made the dam out of busted concrete. I simply biled the concrete in the stream and then put a piece of old carpet over the rock and had a instant dam. We now catch fish out of the reservoir and I put in a "dry hydrant" for the fire department to pull water out of.

Working home made hydro Generator/ Runs two refrigerators free electricity

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20 Responses to Working home made hydro Generator/ Runs two refrigerators free electricity

  1. Latvian4ever

    Did you coordinate this with your local government? In Latvia it would be illegal to build such generators without special permissions and it would cost lots of money :(

  2. OMG3hairyboobs

    That is awesome- good work!

  3. markp0177

    If you have any more questions email me at

  4. markp0177

    I live in Alabama. I do not have any plans at this time. I have sold one to washington state. I have sold several in Georgia and one man has it on youtube. Search glowinglasscreations to see this generator on a water wheel.


  5. poedog58

    i like it–do you live in Wa. ? me too–do you have plans ? to help a beginer ? you sell these or what ? my brother has a year round creek on his land–this would be perfect for him, could you give me any more info on this, its great

  6. KittyQueen2010

    Looks great! Wish i had one of those giant things.

  7. birdwing98

    Very nice generator and hydro installation. I like how you designed it to pass sticks, pine cones, fish, and turtles. I notice you put the rectifiers at the generator end. Have you ever considered transmitting AC to a point closer to the battery bank? In the case of a wind generator, I think it would be a good idea to keep the rectifier on the ground for easier maintenance or troubleshooting. You are blessed to have so much water running across your property. Thanks for sharing the videos.

  8. TheCerberusInferno

    Great , next time i have a river in my house i’ll build your power generator .

  9. backwoods223

    I would LOVE to come to WA if I didn’t have a good job and didn’t have any family where I am now. Just so hard to leave everything and everyone just for a place to live! Never been there but looks like a beautiful place. Gonna have to visit sometime though!

  10. bryncomeaux

    wa states great for cheap properties with year round creeks.

  11. OoAOoRealOoName

    R.I.P. headphone users.

  12. markp0177

    Hello Yes I got thr pictures Thanks. Mark

  13. dockspa

    Good Job Mark! We live on and under ground Aquifer that is around 20 feet down. You got me thinking about how to tap into that under ground power source some how. Keep up the great videos! Did you get my email pics of the de-laminated solar panel using the wrong epoxy? Will stick with your tried and true epoxies now. Thanks again!

  14. TheDesertwalker

    Very cool…

  15. michael970

    awesome.i love the home made systems great job thanks for the new ideas.take care

  16. markp0177

    Hello. I use broken pieces of concrete and piled them up in the water and then threw a old piece of carpet over the front side and top and had a instant dam. I add a piece of concrete every time I walk down to it. Mark

  17. MagicNateball

    I love your videos! How exactly did you dam the creek? It looks really efficient. There is a creek on my land that is much smaller than that, but I was thinking if I dammed it and created a large reservoir then I might be able to get a few amps out of one of your generators. Any thoughts?

  18. hemang1112

    excellent work!! thanks for sharing!!

  19. backwoods223

    Wow thats really cool to see it in action! just wish we had some water around here like that. all the streams and creeks are nearly dry and if not, they flow really slow. Thanks for taking the time to show it to us

  20. galegregory97comcast

    thats a nice one no wind for this one.

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