Wolfenstein Generator Scene

Wolfenstein Generator Scene

Two Germans trying to start an electric generator, but not having much luck

Wolfenstein Generator Scene

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14 Responses to Wolfenstein Generator Scene

  1. ReconRaptor

    God damnit!

  2. WoodyReader123

    If its an electric generator…. Dont they NEED Electricity?

  3. RussianSoldat100

    @shaconstantine Its a game from 2001.You want super core AI?

  4. shaconstantine

    wonder how he’s trying to fix this not even TOUCHING IT

  5. imairborne123

    i loved this mission! XD this was so funny, ty for posting

  6. jak795

    @gaffelnskje i think you’re a little confused good sir.

  7. jak795

    @40390576 it certainly was.

  8. tylerjames6699

    @40390576 no

  9. Mueiwark



    hahaha i know the cheat : /notarget right?

  11. 40390576

    Am I the only one who thinks RTCW was a severely under-rated game?

  12. Dorisequador

    @silverandteal they are speaking german english ..lol

  13. NomendeiNL

    lol :)

  14. newFaction64


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