Why You Should Have A Portable Generator For Hurricanes

Portable generators are not the most inexpensive item to get in preparation for a hurricane, but it could be the best one. Every year there has been an increase in the amount of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. This has led to more people suffering from the destruction that the hurricanes leave in their path. Many people completely lose their homes, and many others are with out power for months at a time. There is no way to know it you will ever use a power generator. However, with the increasing chance that you may need one, it makes a generator seem like a better option each year.

As storms affect more people each year, there are very many options to suit any need. A small generator will run you about $400 to start. The key thing to keep in mind is to treat a hurricane aftermath much like you will be camping. Maybe you can run the refrigerator and a couple small appliances, but it will not be as good as city power. A generator that will completely run a house starts at around $4,000 before installation. If you would like to have your house functional, it is a great option. Hurricane season is during the summer and fall seasons and mainly affects the South Eastern United States. That means affected areas are very hot and no power results in a sticky situation. The larger generators also have diesel engines that do not need to stay dry like a regular gas engine. This ensures that you won't have any complications with flooding or rain keeping them from running.

When you decide what your power needs are, it is important to get a generator ahead of time because they sell out quick when a storm is coming. There are also people who will buy up the stock of them in a store and charge double because they know some people will pay it.

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