Where to get a cheap gas powered electric generator?

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Where to get a cheap gas powered electric generator?
For a science experiment, I need a cheap gas powered electric generator. It's not necessarily a NECESSITY, but it would make life easier. Now, a cheap one goes for $ 200. So, do you guys know if there are places where you can get one second hand? Maybe out of an old car, take the engine and rig it? Detailed answers appreciated!

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3 Responses to Where to get a cheap gas powered electric generator?

  1. alan

    Craigslist, harbor freight, northern tools are three of the cheapest I can think of

  2. f100_supersabre

    Using an auto engine is a severe case of overkill AND a bad deal economically due to cost of fuel, UNLESS you need in excess of 100KW of power, in which case the original generator from the car would be WAY too small. (Auto generators can be driven with a 5 HP engine.)

    IF $ 200 will buy what you need, you don’t need very much power!

  3. Eric Steve


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