We recently had a major power outage. How do we choose an electric generator to be sure we can use our fridge?

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We recently had a major power outage. How do we choose an electric generator to be sure we can use our fridge?
We want to have the capability to generate our own electricity, particularly during an emergency. A solar electric generator would be great for us because we live in the desert. How do we choose the best one for our needs?

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Answer by The Georgia Geezer
If you're going solar, better go all the way. To use solar as a back-up source would require a considerable investment in batteries, converter, etc. So a gasoline powered generator might be more practical. They come in various sizes, based on how much power is needed. (watts). So check your fridge and other needed appliances to find the total wattage you'd require, and then select the correct size generator. I have one. Never used it--so far, but where I live winter ice storms are frequent--and all power lines are on poles. You'd think it would be cheaper in the long run to bury them!

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4 Responses to We recently had a major power outage. How do we choose an electric generator to be sure we can use our fridge?

  1. Shanty J

    solar are expensive. determine the wattage required to run you home then add 10%. buy a cas or deisel unit for that wattage .any lunmber yard has them. 500-1200- dollars depending on you requierment.

  2. tony b

    Hi there … you can get a whole house generator which will cover all your needs for between $ 3-8000 or you cab get a portable one and have a swtich fitted to your house so that you basically plug it in….
    Here in florida… I have two … a small 1000w and a bigger 8000 watt. The higher the watts the more it will run in your house. For example .. the only things the 8000w wont run in my house is the air conditioning and the stove…. it will run everything else….. it cost $ 1300
    The 1000 w will run the refrigerator… and a few lights… or the tv and lights and fans … It cost…. $ 299.
    There is also the thing called starting watts… the 8000 wat gernerator has a starting watt of 13500. What this means is that when certain electrila appliances start they need more electricity than when they are constantly running… like acceleration in a car… more gas to get up to speed…
    The site below has a section sizing your generator and it wexplains how to work out what you need…

  3. realist254

    If just want to power your refrigerator you don’t need a large solar generator. A solar array with battery capability might be the best and cheapest choice in this case because you can run your fridge on it full time.

    However if you plan to do a grid tie system then you need to be concerned about all the appliances in your house. A grid tie feeds the solar power into your house via the main electrical panel and from there gets distributed across the entire electrical network. This will require a large solar array and you will need to calculate all the appliances that will be running during a power outage. The advantage point is many states have tax incentives and some rebates may even apply to install such a system. To calculate how many watts you will need a person needs the information on your appliances, hvac, well pump, etc.

  4. Himanshu S

    I think start-up costs of Solar Generators is quite high although electricity generated is cheaper. So if you really have the mindset to make proper use only then go for it. Many times people get tired with such things and they go to junk. I would actually use these even when electricity is not out. Basically run a few items always on Solar Power. If you do not have really frequent then you would be making this system useless and it might become junk. Below are some sample costs which obviously cannot be verified because they may have changed already. I would suggest you buy an inverter that is charging a suitable battery for the load required. Its very low maintenance unlike the Solar Panels. You just need to change battery water occasionally.

    Models of Solar Generators

    Model PV Capacity Estimates Cost
    Model – I 150 Wp Rs. 45,000/- $ 1000
    Model – II 300 Wp Rs. 90,000/- $ 2000
    Model – II 450 Wp Rs. 1,35,000/- $ 3000
    Model – IV 9000 Wp Rs. 1,80,000/- $ 4000

    I saw one model in US they were charging $ 37,000 along with some professional installation fee

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