Wave Energy Company Eco Wave Power is Getting Closer to Commercial Scale Power Plant

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(PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Having designed, manufactured and tested a mid-scale model of wave energy generating unit, Eco Wave Power wave energy company has successfully proven the concept of producing cheaper electricity from the energy of the ocean waves. Based on a number of their patented inventions, like "Power Wing" and the "Wave Clapper", their electricity generation unit can transform ocean wave energy into electric current more effectively than competitors units.

Amongst many advantages of system its durability truly stands out it employs three different storm protection mechanisms, corrosion protection, shock-wave protection mechanism and a very effective energy control system. The medium-scale ocean wave energy power station was tested on 2 different breakwaters, which emphasized the compatibility of the station to different ocean structures. By now, it has successfully withstood two major storms.

Earlier this year, Eco wave Power received a European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation (for developing and implementing a complete solution for effective harvesting ocean waves energy). Since Eco Wave Power ocean wave company targets to efficiently produce energy at a very affordable price level, such renewable energy generation instantly became an object of interest for many ports worldwide.

For more information about ocean wave energy company please contact Mr.David Leb or visit http://www.EcoWavePower.com

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