Triple-Fuel Yamaha EF4500iSE Inverter Generator

Runs on LP Gas, Natural Gas & Gasoline right out of the box. Buy the generator and tri-fuel kit at

Triple-Fuel Yamaha EF4500iSE Inverter Generator

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21 Responses to Triple-Fuel Yamaha EF4500iSE Inverter Generator

  1. bigman55434

    What was with all the smoke on startup with gas? Sounded like it was running like crap.

  2. EchosFromaBlankMind

    @pimenton73 You should use the yellow Teflon tape which is rated for gasoline and fuels. Otherwise Rector seal works just fine if used properly.

  3. HomePowerWind

    Nice video, Check out my videos about Home Wind and Solar system intalling on the Rooftop. On Earth Day I won a green design contest for my home energy system the RoofMill. Have a look at my home wind turbine videos of installing and running Hybrid Energy Systems. Friends and Subscribers Wanted. Have a good day , Thanks, Sam

  4. pimenton73

    I use teflon for gas conections.

  5. rogelio67

    cool dramatics on the camara work,,, make some porn movies,, you would be good at it,,

  6. meex88hiphop

    @Dvb125 HAHAHAHA!! :D and u need modified Dolorean :D

  7. Dvb125

    can it produce 1.21 gigawatts, because thats what i need

  8. Dvb125

    @IRONMAIDENFAN2006 them damn indians need to know the truth lol

  9. firjjm

    how much did you pay for this unit?


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  11. BAYAREA4150

    @IRONMAIDENFAN2006 you dumb cracker your the real wetbacks, 4x time wetbacks coming here from Europe and shit


    niggs? your a mexican juan act like one cross the border illegally and take my healthcare and lively hood from us americans

  13. thegreatkoua

    run better with the propane

  14. tocaracer06

    awesome but it didnt sound too healthy when it was running on gas

  15. RealmLords

    Ethanol 85?

  16. iflyem3535


  17. 06JUANY


  18. mdcproject

    hi im spyro….. where could I have the regulator on the Yamaha ? And did you changed something inside the mashine itself ?THX

  19. myhalo123

    Anyone know how long it will run on a propane bottle? And can you get remote start?

  20. gd9704

    Pretty neat. Love the power and hourmeter. Nice touches.

  21. gamer2284

    honda is better

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