Tri-Beka Enterprises Out-Shines Competition in Solar Powered Generation

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Rio Rancho, NM (PRWEB) October 28, 2011

With the introduction of the EPOD 2000 earlier this year, Tri-Beka Enterprises has set a new benchmark in portable renewable energy. Armed with the EPOD 2000 (Base Unit) and a handful of clever and ingenious accessories, Tri-Beka Enterprises has for the first time offered the general public a truly versatile and expandable solar, wind, hydro and etc. electrical alternative energy device. Tri-Beka Enterprises has achieved this through years of Research and Development, Patent Pending Design, Advanced Circuitry and State of the Art Microprocessors.

Tri-Beka Enterprises offers a variety of models along with a number of accessories that enhance the base EPOD. They have several units that are rated at 1000 watt intervals along with other accessories that enhance the capabilities of the EPOD. The EPOD compared to other solar generators is years ahead of the competition due to the patented microprocessors. It is truly an advanced portable generating device that is not just another inverter and battery in a box.

The EPOD can support the electrical needs of a large RV, safety within the construction field, easy transportation and storage for campers, fits the needs of survivalists, and is portable. The EPOD can be linked parallel to other units within the EPOD family to handle larger electrical demands.


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