The synchronous electric generator and motor. 10 points promised?

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The synchronous electric generator and motor. 10 points promised?
Who invented them? I can't find it.

If nobody can find it, can they please tell me whether it was Tesla's work that lead to the synchronous electric generator and motor? I know Tesla invented the induction motor and generator, and the synchronous machines are really a form of these. Just slightly changed.. If so, I can just say that.

Thanks in advance. 10 points for best answer.

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this explain more than u asked...

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  1. Retired EE

    In order to invent a DC generator with a commutator, it would have been necessary to realize that the current in a loop of wire rotating in a magnetic field changes direction as the loop rotates. A commutator is essentially a mechanical rectifier that rectifies the alternating current that is generated in the rotating wire coils and provides a rotating connection to conduct direct current away from the rotor. However, the developers of DC generators would have considered the alternating current in the rotor to be a problem to be solved rather than something useful. Once Tesla proved that alternating current was something useful, various approaches to building an AC generator would have been obvious to anyone who knew how to build a DC generator.

    Wikipedia has a huge amount of information and lots of links from one article to another in Wikipedia as well as links to external sources. Most of the information is quite accurate, but there are errors and exaggerations. Here is a page of links to articles related to electric generators:

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