Tandem Fisher Paykel Smartdrive Rebuild pt 1

Tandem Fisher Paykel Smartdrive Rebuild pt 1

Progress on rebuilding the smartdrive generator into its final form.

Tandem Fisher Paykel Smartdrive Rebuild pt 1

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25 Responses to Tandem Fisher Paykel Smartdrive Rebuild pt 1

  1. windoes98se

    reminds me of a a stator on a motorcycle

  2. joe18370

    why not add magnets ,maybe a truck brakr hub or weld a metat cover to place magnets thats cool

  3. toratora00008

    guarda questo filmato ciao

  4. mccunecp

    I will have to keep and eye out for washing machines with that motor in them so I can build a generator of my own on day.

  5. statikreg

    Fisher Price? (lol j/k)

  6. ProtViewer

    and work this? I can’t see…

  7. m1aws

    Heavy windings give more current and lower voltage.

  8. discoide1451

    Generator 24 V site weeb  discoide1451

  9. Chrispainterguy

    why dont you change the gear ratio?
    big wheel on motor small on rotor

  10. Chrispainterguy

    why dont you change the gear ratio?

  11. RODALCO2007

    Excellent ! You know how to make a good job of it.
    I need to get a lathe for my self one day.

  12. metro2089

    you can get them off almost any HE front or top load washer even maytag whirlpool kenmore use paykels motor, I sell appliances and take aprat the scrap

  13. stalkersas

    Rammstein FTW !

  14. EngineManic

    hay im trying to build a generator out of a 7.5kw 3 phase motor and i was planning on running it with a 2 cylinder wisconsin and i was wondering how i was told i would need a cap but im not sure what sort any help would be great

  15. defysquirrel189


  16. danclarknz

    the bearings on mine fell to bits when I pulled it out, oh well I’ll have to get something after market
    cheers for the vid

  17. honda4004

    hi have you viewed joe cell talks type that in the guy states these can have the magnets re arranged to make something extra ..we cannot get them here in uk so if you have any how much to buy and send to uk …..if you do take time to view joe bookers videos would you reply direct to me with comments thank you

  18. Aussie50

    Its off a Fisher Paykel washer

  19. Ebdan88

    Which kind of washing mashine has these kind of motor in it? Thank you in advance for your help:-)

  20. digitalninjajamaica

    I am also researching power generation and I have a lot of that you will be interested in. you can get a lot more power from that system… link me up…

  21. ropepaine

    cradle of filth

  22. rebollo1

    live in Mexico City.
    what mark and model is the washing machine please
    Francisco Sánchez

  23. Aussie50

    I’m not 100% sure on that one I’m afraid, if I get a digital tacho one day I’ll be able to see what voltages are generated at set speeds

    I have seen voltages in excess of 1200V when spinning them with a gas engine.

  24. Jizskie

    if you’re spinning the smartdrive motors over at say 1000rpm wich is what they do on thier spin cycle, what voltage and possible current are output from the motor? cheers

  25. Aussie50

    Great info!, thanks!
    I’ll have to find out the difference in volatage and current potential between the 2 running as generators.

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