STIRLING ENGINE ELECTRIC GENERATOR SOLAR POWER FRESNEL LENS No Load Test This is a small 24v DC geared motor I attached to one of our Small Stirling Engines using plumbing fixtures for a mount. This is a NO LOAD TEST. The maximum voltage was 22v DC and the estimate was 300 ma. So this can produce about 6.5 watts with this simple setup. I am working on a more efficient process. Due to the weather, NO LOADS were tested today but I have tested some leds and small DC motors with good results. I will expand this test when we get better sunny days. Summers in the Sunshine State are 150 days of clouds:-)

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  1. dudley825

    Ok so basically the sterling engine is a heat exchanger with pistons. Could one be used as the heat exchanger for a household furnace? You could generate electricity every time you heat your house.

  2. jimbob3514

    so the motor drives the stirling and the lens keeps the rain off the motor and stirling…

  3. samiwifi3

    you,v never been in gulf one day? we see this cloud one day per year , this invention is briliant and not time westing

  4. MrJetjoe

    you should consentrate on things that do not use things that you can not control wind sun.. there are better things that are not effected with those problems and wasted time. best of luck to you

  5. uglyengineer

    Awesome. First compact practical application for a Stirling I’ve seen.

  6. uglyengineer

    What’s the trad-off with a Stirling? You can get high power but low torque or something?


    @QiuIroX Check our website for links.

  8. QiuIroX

    where can I buy this one ?


    @creamyfilling102 with this set up, a better generator better power.

  10. creamyfilling102

    that great big lense only gives you 6 watts? you should be able to pull damn near 100 watts off of something that big.

  11. rolfinator1

    yeah but considered by the square meters used for the lens solar cells are way more effective

  12. shorty40merza

    voltage doesn’t matter power is what matters , he said 6.5 watts thats okay

  13. TheBattleWagon

    Sir , Have you looked in to Gingery Tech. manuals? it tells you the Right way to build any and all of this!

  14. rambbo12

    can you send me plans on how you make it or what website

  15. pyhap2ev

    put load on it and it wound produce that much voltage.



  17. pubtor

    wooo, cowboy music

  18. jeffmaglio

    awesome thanks mark tahiliani

  19. muddymuddymuddmann

    Nice pickin Dan,
    LOL Good video, Nice engineering on the mount.


    The gear makes the difference. It is low amps but still neat. Saves from all the belts and pulleys.

  21. sivve95

    Too genious, I tell you, too genious

  22. Cloxxki

    If we had a contest where we could use, say, a spacer of 2x2x2 metres in the open field, how would be use it to gather energy from nature? Sun is hardly ever, so we could place wind mills right above the solar units Wind mills have a small surface anyway. Mirrors everywhere possible to get more light into our 2x2x2 metre box and solar panels.
    Surface space is our limiter. We need stuff to put on roofs, which don’t make noise and don’t take much maintenance.

  23. luc59457

    That is quite neat… I never would have expected 22v from that… I have a 12vdc generator motor I spun at around 1600rpms attached to a cordless drill and I was getting about 9vdc.

  24. TheCynicalAtheist

    The music is awesome!

  25. ytams1

    You are using a high temperature Stirling engine. A low temperature difference Stirling engine, say 5 degrees, may work in over cast conditions. (There are videos of small hand held ones on You Tubs.)

    The Fresnel lens would have to be replaced by a hot box of the same size. I suspect you would have to build everything your self.


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