SQS Identifies the Highest Profile Software Failures of 2011

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London, United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 13 December 2011

SQS Software Quality Systems, the worlds leading specialist for software quality, has compiled a list of the worst software failures of 2011 that have damaged reputations, impacted negatively on financials ($ ) and caused stress to users ().

Phil Codd, Managing Director & Chief Markets Officer (Northern Europe, India & South Africa) at SQS comments: Our top ten list of 2011 shows that software failures are costing companies and consumers large amounts of money. What is worse is that people are losing jobs and in some cases their liberty because of avoidable software failures.

Voted on by SQS consultants, this years annual software bugs survey is based on major software failures of the past twelve months, from glitches that generated massive fines in the banking and finance sector to mass recalls of faulty vehicles. Our 2010 report also highlighted computer glitches in the financial and automotive industries and this year both of those sectors are prominent in our top ten, taking four of the top ten slots.

The main problem caused by software bugs is negative financial impact and, in almost every case, consumers end up losing out. Deficiencies in software quality often result in costly emergency fixes and/or damage to a brands reputation, but each of our top ten 2011 software failure examples could easily have been avoided through an effective quality management strategy identifying and resolving potential glitches before they appear, he concluded.

Top Software Failures of 2011


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