spoon powered hydro electricity

spoon powered hydro electricity

First of all, for the observant I must say that I did use a non deepcycle battery, but it was free and this project is still at the experimental stage, I'm not even sure how long the brown wooden box will last or the handheld generator or those kitchen spoons, but time will tell. This run of the river project is insanely inefficient mainly because of the half inch hose, which should really be 90 feet of 1 inch PVC, but the materials were easily acquired and installed. After I've watched this project for a while I'll more than likely upgrade the main components as they breakdown. Also it's really important to add a fuse or a low amperage breaker at one of the battery terminals simply because the odds of a mouse chewing through the wires or a tree falling over them in the next 10 years is huge. Most of these batteries can put out enough cold cranking amps to catch any log cabin on fire or create a forest fire. The hand generator only makes about 3-5 watts of hydro electricity per hour and therefore does not need a voltage regulator but is just directly hooked up to the 12v battery and functions very much like a trickle charger does. A DC to AC inverter may be hooked up to the battery terminals if you want house voltage, though I recommend attaching a switch to it in order to turn the inverter off when it's not being used in order to save power. The funny thing is that most of my electricity needs are 12vdc, including that 13watt CFL bulb so I might never hook up the ...

spoon powered hydro electricity

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14 Responses to spoon powered hydro electricity

  1. TheCarnarvonBoy

    Nice and simple set up mate! great work and same about the vid!

  2. discoide1451

    generator 24 V site weeb discoide1451

  3. ATCRyderX

    Spoons! Brilliant!

  4. donsjuand

    Good work McGyver :D

  5. tfc8BALL

    I can’t wait for summer!

  6. tfc8BALL

    No cabin yet, been busy. Planning some time off for a big trip next summer. I did finish my boat tho!

  7. 186282plus1

    I iso9001, how has your cabin in the woods gone so far? Finding too much gold to chop wood? Too much school work? It’s nice to hear from you! I hope all is well.

  8. 186282plus1

    I like your sugestions ,they are well thought out. I will soon put up a video reply to this spoon powered hydro project just because enough time has passed for most of this glitches in this project to have revealed themselves. Thanks for the reply.

  9. mik22pik

    Great get away spot. Love the cabin, did you build it yourself? As to your hydro project, very smart! Replace the garden hose with 2″ PVC black well tubing, it resists suction well. Connect to a 4′ x 6″ sec40 PVC collection pipe+screener up stream. What’s needed is pressure, a large inlet will supply it. You can get more if wanted, around 500watts+ if done correctly. Keep us posted.. Well done!

  10. Jonfavia

    This Is pretty cool but where in the woods are u cause I can’t just go prancing through the woods and build a cabin lol but I wish I could

  11. tfc8BALL

    I really like this generating system! Runs 24hours a day, at 5 watts, no need for any special circuitry to turn on and off. The use of that hand generator flashlight was genius! Oh, and the cabin is AMAZING! You’re inspireing me mr 186282plus1!

  12. atpuck

    EXTRA Strength AWSOME

    thanks for posting the videos. we enjoy them alot up here in seattle.

  13. makeitinthemeadow

    Really enjoying your videos! You rock dude!!! And your cyber-buddy ‘dirtTdude rocks too! Both you guys inspire us wannabees!!!

  14. 186282plus1

    Your project sounds like a well thought out one dTd, I’d sure like to see your video of the build when you do put it together. 1,000 watts can run quite a bit of stuff.

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