selfrunning free energy RomeroUK Muller Motor Generator running Suspended

selfrunning free energy RomeroUK Muller Motor Generator running Suspended This is a backup video of the user RomeroUK video see his channel at: Here he shows it runnning it in his hands and walking across the room. He succeeded to build a selfrunning Muller motor generator and powering additionally a 20 Watts light bulb. Full credit goes to RomeroUK for his brilliant hard work and success ! Free energy here we come ! Many thanks. Regards, Stefan. Good magnets could be got here: Cylinder rod magnets: Strong magnets Cube magnets Ball magnets: or: Cylinder magnet with hole in the center with radial polarisation:

selfrunning free energy RomeroUK Muller Motor Generator running Suspended

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19 Responses to selfrunning free energy RomeroUK Muller Motor Generator running Suspended

  1. subhankar5584

    Its an awesome video…..
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  2. subhankar5584

    Good one…

    I just wonder why NASA does not develop
    a safe source of energy such as this one here
    and get rid of all these toxics from our life
    It is all described in the
    top magnetic generator
    search for it in Google

  3. subhankarwork

    - This is a nice Video – but …
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  4. TaldrenDR

    @0:52 – Red/Black twisted pair wire running from machine to the floor. Busted.

  5. pathania

    mehinutah- you are complicating it .. just keep it simple it is the generator coil core made in a different way ..which kind of accelerates instead of decelerating the rotor.. mu metal, .. distance .. etc.. lot of people build this and are scratching their head because lenz kicks in but it is simple.. to reduce lenz — Muller “used Muller’s amorphous polycrystalline core material virtually eliminates these losses completely” this guy used Mu Metal  , some are using just a steel screw…works

  6. ferengoid

    Also, why believe his story about being shut down? It’s equally likely that someone complained to the Police fraud squad about him making false claims, so they paid him a visit and told him to cease and desist.
    In that scenario, he may have gotten angry about being stopped and made up a story about heart problems, stress etc. to get sympathy from his fans.

    Who knows?

  7. ferengoid

    I’ve just caught up with all the drama surrounding this device and his claims. I’d be very cautious about believing his stories.
    He hasn’t provided any proper proof for his claims, not by a long stretch – a shakycam homemade video is not adequate.

    I noticed that the rotation speed of the suspended device is much slower than that of the benched video, probably due to a smaller concealed power supply.

    I’m 95% sure this is a hoax.

  8. deltatechx

    saying this is a free energy device is like saying a Newton’s cradle is a free energy device. A Newton’s cradle is ‘powered’ by gravity, this is ‘powered’ by magnets. Magnets are an energy source, they do work, period. So anything using magnets cannot be called a free energy device, they’re just devices harnessing energy from the magnets.

    This device is only powering itself, if you put any kind of load on it, it will wind down and stop.

  9. b3lm4r3


  10. b3lm4r3

    @Marzec309 The black box:
    Auto DC Power Regulated Adaptor

  11. Marzec309

    whats that black box for? batteries…

  12. Boyntonstu

    This must be the great Meyer motor that I was looking for.

  13. 636wildbill

    isnt the capacitor a batt

  14. john29302

    the top of the device is never shown. their are 2 wires feeding it. could be just enameled transformer wire . not much power here. magnets are made using energy and will wear down.

  15. 530pools

    people r funny who watch one video and make a conclusion…subscribe to the channel and watch this guy work…he is a fukn badass…Props to ya stay busy…we need more people like you…fuk the govt

  16. itchyundies

    this is cool even if it dont work atleast yo havin a crack at it

  17. mmaghfai

    why didn’t you just get the woman in the back ground to video you (without your face in it if you don’t want to) that way we would see the device in its entirety and there would be no doubts on our part… come on do it right fella!

  18. 2550osiosterdalen

    I hope that it has not a wire coming in from above…

  19. Texmurphy51

    The video is very careful to Never show the outside edge or above it,(opposite his hand). This is probably where a wire comes down to supply the power.
    Show us a piece of nylon kite string then suspend this to it and show it running.

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