Q&A: In an electric generator, how does the spinning copper wire create a voltage?

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In an electric generator, how does the spinning copper wire create a voltage?
I've searched for ever and haven't found the answer. I dint understand how the voltage appears out of no where.. Btw this is for an electricity physics assignment. Please answer in detail but in easy to understand language, thanks.

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Answer by 360modina
It all starts with a moving shaft that can come from a lot of different places. Torque on that shaft can com from a gasoline engine or anything that can cause a "good deal of spin". The movement of the wire is really a revolving coil which begins to convert the work done by the shaft into work per unit charge called voltage.

Since the magnetized coil like all magnets has two poles, a north and a south pole charges will appear on opposite sides of the rotating components.

Now due to the principle of electromagnetic induction discovered by Faraday who noticed current appears or is "induced" when moved through a magnetic field. The charge also will appear perpendicular to the moving magnetic field.

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One Response to Q&A: In an electric generator, how does the spinning copper wire create a voltage?

  1. hobart_elf

    The movement of any conductor past or through a magnetic field induces a voltage in the conductor.

    No movement means no voltage.

    This is a reality of life.

    Even the movement of the axle of a train though the Earth’s magnetic field induces a small voltage across the ends of the axle.

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