Q&A: how do i make a portable ac electric generator?

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how do i make a portable ac electric generator?
i once saw a guy walk onto a charter bus with a heavy box that was home made with electrical outlets. it was about the size of a car battery, maybe a little bigger. he plugged his laptop and things into it and used it as if it generated 120W. it was quiet and didn't have a running motor like a generator. does anyone know how this was made or what it was composed of? i want to make one like it , or that does a similar task. i want to be able to charge my laptop on a long trip.

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Answer by billrussell42
I just saw an article about them. It is a fuel cell run from a butane cartridge. If I can find the article, I'll send you more info.

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  1. mark p

    It’s called an inverter. There’s a battery inside, and some circuitry that converts the DC battery voltage into 120-volt 60-cycle AC.

    Designing an efficient inverter with appropriate protection isn’t the easiest task in the world, but fortunately you can find inverters of varying sizes (wattage ratings) at many hardware and department stores (in the electronics section). These are usually intended to hook into a cigarette-lighter plug, but you could replace this with a battery if you wanted something truly portable.

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