Proper Selection of a Kohler Home Generator

Proper Selection of a Kohler Home Generator

Buckeye Power Sales demonstrates how to properly select a Kohler residential generator set for your home.

Proper Selection of a Kohler Home Generator

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3 Responses to Proper Selection of a Kohler Home Generator

  1. chipdiamondvideos

    In the video at 26 seconds, the generator looks to close to the structure for matanance?

  2. generatordude

    Depends on multiple factors but mainly on the size of your main utility feed. 7500 sq ft is large so you may have a 400 amp or a 600 amp or an 800 amp main utility. You can still have a whole house fully automatic standby system but it will just cost more. Interested? I’m with Buckeye Power. Call me at 317-223-9862 and I’ll make sure you get the necessary info and pricing. Thanks. Derrick

  3. lilipou2012

    what would i have to get if i have a 7500 square ft house ?

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