Personal Electric Generation With Home Renewable Energy

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In a time of such economic downturn, where prices for things, we've taken for granted, have begun to rise, we seek alternative means to replace them. Instead of purchasing food from the supermarket, we can grow our own in the garden. Instead of driving to work, we can cycle. One of the major turns many people are taking is the one towards renewable energy.

Removing their dependence on fossil fuels, they're looking towards easily obtained electric generators to provided the power for their home, whether it's large scale for the entire house or just to charge a few batteries for everyday appliances. To satisfy these needs, there are two major forms of electric generation: solar power and wind power. Personal electric generation with both of these methods can provide a great return and take hardly any time to set up. In the case of solar power, the can potentially last several decades if well looked after.

Solar Power

People have been using solar power for centuries, though not as we think of it today. It's primary use has been to purify and heat water, though with the advent of the semi-conductor silicon, we've started using solar power to generate usable electricity. The photons in the sun's rays bounce off the negative electrons in the silicon and force them to flow through the material, creating a current. This can then be harnessed and put towards a good use.

The varying sizes of solar panels can be used for different purposes. Large scale, several hundred watt panels can be used for the entire home, powering appliances for the entire day. The small, double digit watt panels can perhaps power a single appliance or some lights or just charge batteries.

Wind Power

Wind power has been in use for even longer than solar power and for many different purposes. From pushing boats and ships to turning windmills to grind wheat. It's even been used for ancient ventilation systems for housing and the 19th century saw its first use as a means of generating electricity. The thousands of fans all over the world can provide a lot of electricity for many homes, but for single homes, they're a little less useful.

Their size and efficiency makes them somewhat less manageable than solar panels and they require wind, whereas solar panels can function even on a cloudy day. I have personally managed to build my own home DIY renewable energy system by following an online system which you can find out more about at my website link below.

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