Permanent Magnet Generator FOR SALE: 45kw 750rpm 50Hz / 54kw 900rpm 60Hz

Permanent Magnet Generator FOR SALE: 45kw 750rpm 50Hz / 54kw 900rpm 60Hz If you want to buy, go to: IT'S NOT PERPTUAL MOTION ! YOU STILL NEED TO PUT 11KW MECHANICAL ENERGY TO GET 10KW ELECTRICAL ENERGY Please dont ask me, How big electric motor is needed to turn the generator... IT WILL NOT WORK.

Permanent Magnet Generator FOR SALE: 45kw 750rpm 50Hz / 54kw 900rpm 60Hz

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24 Responses to Permanent Magnet Generator FOR SALE: 45kw 750rpm 50Hz / 54kw 900rpm 60Hz

  1. lostintheapplasauce

    wow thats a beast. makes my fisher and paykel look like a mouse.

  2. jhabinsk

    Some of these electrically-incompetent comments are hilarious :p

  3. cybercorfu

    How can it be? nobody went to school physics hello???
    he just selling permanent magnet generators with 90% efficiency this is not overunity motor

  4. entune85

    wow you are dense as a diamond, read the title. No wonder he censors with people like you who are still learning to comprehend what they have read typing away at rude comments.
    I can’t blame you though, I mean look at all the others who have joined you/

  5. wildcat19671

    people… 11kw of energy to produce 10 kw of electricity is often mis understood. kw relating to energy is just a way of measuring work such as horse power. try running this generator with an engine or wind or water. i think you will find 90 percent efficiancy to be very good….people who dont understand these things should just keep their coments to themselves untill they do some research.

  6. ant2589

    How much would it cost?



    So make it and sell.

    i work on free energy few years… and still have not it… show me just only 1 working device…

  8. MBato89

    @PHOTOIK yay someone agrees with me and there is so many ways to improve it 90% is nothing get it to 400% and then try sell it

  9. jojotjuh

    @jesuriah You’ve got it wrong there. A device does not have to ‘produce’ energy to be a generator. It has to generate (for example) electrical energy from another (for example mechanical) source of energy. This is never 100% efficient. (It will always need more energy input than it will output.) so if what you say were to be true, then nothing could be called a generator. Capitalizing your statement/deduction doesn’t make it more true either.



    Please show me generator with more than 100% efficency

    11kw power coming to the generator x 90% (generator efficency) = 10kw from generator.

    GOT IT?

    lot of generators even has 70%  or 80%…… then we have to use:

    12,5kw to get 10kw (80%) 12,5 x 80% = 10kw


    14,3kw to get 10kw (70%) 14,3×70% = 10kw

    11kw x 90% = 10kw


  11. jesuriah

    @PHOTOIK Well, I’d downvote you for censoring comments, but you also censor ratings, proving that you’re just another scamming fucktard. If a device produces 10kw but needs 11kw to run, ITS NOT A GENERATOR.

  12. 96cobramustang

    Addition to last post……..i forgot to say to unplug the grinder after getting it going and hooking to the capacitors ….or a computer to pulse the motor from voltage in capacitors…..everyoné should look up pulseing voltage through a magnet to a capacitor!!!voltage climbs ten times faster with magnet in line than without the magnet in line77!

  13. BigJar35

    try setting up a pulley system between the two and see how long it runs on one spin of that wrench

  14. jmjpowerjoule

    Do you still have that motor and is it still for sale?

  15. RavenMad101

    how much and were can I get one?

  16. Bsdeitch1

    Your title says for sale… So how much is it and where do I get it???
    Text me back please

  17. 6V92TA

    Is it possible to use something like a washing machine motor to turn this thing with enough force to like, power itself and something else?

  18. meatpole55

    how many volts or kilowatts is that much to buy one like that



    Please read descripton before you say somthing stupied … its in every my video:


  20. sky1ark39

    I still haven’t seen if run by it self.

  21. termtrky

    If you had hooked up a conventional engine [EG Gas or Electricity powered] and spun the generator with a belt or chain…. Think of the possibilities.

  22. matheusazedo32

    Could it work as a motor?
    That would be great.
    Nice video.

  23. coldarc

    @PHOTOIK didn’t look like that cutter required much input force on the generator shaft to turn. if you can find the right relationship in resonance between motor and generators nature will provide more output than you put in. in nature everything is chemistry, action reaction will always only work up to expectations when the property of materials changes under a certain influence. there is not such thing as perpetual motion only unknown sources of energy were resonance determine how energy flow

  24. panyolito1929

    hello sir photoikhow much that motor ???
    and how much hp ?
    and how much tork power can he spin ???

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