origional induction motor generator 1 of 2

origional induction motor generator 1 of 2

This is the first version of the induction motor. it uses a weedwacker motor and a small 1/4 hp motor. motor is unmodified. other videos pending but will be posted very soon

origional induction motor generator 1 of 2

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8 Responses to origional induction motor generator 1 of 2

  1. 28kingIV

    Use a bigger pulley on the weedwacker because it would have more gear ratio

  2. hjaorrdgsetle

    volate motor ??¿

  3. BluesOnSixString

    have you thought of automating the Start/Gen switch ?

  4. mrkmanideep

    heelo sir, i also have a idea that in my task i use 3-phase induction motor which is coupled to induction generator in between a gear box which can increase the speed. will it works? please reply 

  5. regiomontano50

    me dipodia ayudar a ponerle los capacitores de trabajo y arranque para mejor rendimineto saludos mi corre es ilumina33@hotmail.com mi nombre es jose guadalupe reyes y muy buen video saludos

  6. regiomontano50

    me podrias ayudara conectar el mio yo te enseñare a  hacer generdores grades saludos buenas noches mi correo es ilumina33@hotmail.com

  7. RobNLynchburgVA

    ow…..my brain hurts

  8. kwacz

    @kaizercharles no it runs on 2 stroke gas

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