MY-N-ERGY (tm)

Portable Solar Generator -- Sport/Utility M600 Charges in 4 hours from empty - 600W AC Inverter / 12 V DC Jump Start your Car. Run Electrical 120V AC appliances.

MY-N-ERGY (tm)

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21 Responses to MY-N-ERGY ™

  1. Yuankohler

    Order by contacting
    search EBay for Emergency / Portable / Fly-Away /Back-Up Generator and you will find it

  2. Yuankohler

    You can order by emailing me.
    or it is available on EBay — write to me and I will send you the link

  3. Yuankohler

    You can order by emailing me.
    or it is available on EBay — write to me and I will send you the link

  4. advertisegal

    I am very interested in purchasing 1 for my trailer, how can I purchase 1? Thank-you very much :-)

  5. KCBeliever0101

    Amazing – kudos to you! I’ll be purchasing one from you soon – do you have a website? Do you accept paypal?

  6. Yuankohler

    Thank you. I appreciate the assist.  I think I can use it ™ in our “commercial” that we will be doing where we will also show off our 1500 W unit in addition to this 600 watt unit.

  7. Yuankohler

    about 70 watts can be really expected

  8. 11horsepower

    Here, copy —> ™ this and put it in place for ™ in your title

  9. AnthroBiologist

    how many watts does the solar panel produce?

  10. Yuankohler

    Yes. Also the price includes Shipping, a container for the solar panel and 30ft of extension cable for the solar panel as well. — a complete kit. Free Shipping!

  11. hdgamevideos1

    so i am guessing the $595 includes the long solar panel roll and the generator?

  12. KakarotGokuSon

    You sir are seirously a genius!
    I honestly wish I could buy one of these, it would be perfect for a survival situation here deep in the woods, it’s just what I would need to keep my PSP up and running! ^_^
    Too bad I don’t have enough money now but if you ever do a contest or anything please keep me in mind and keep up the great work!

  13. Yuankohler

    The system does have a charge controller inside the base unit to protect the internal battery. You are correct in saying a charge controller is needed.

  14. PerigeePower

    You need to add a small solar charge controler to the on board battery.

  15. onlinetalentedsite

    I am a mom with small kids and I bought a battery jumper and have been trying to figure out how to make it run on solar. Been surfing internet all day to see if someone else figured this out…KUDOS!

  16. abrandy36

    Exactly how do you buy one from you?? Do you take checks or debit?? What is shipping and handling charges?? These are just a few good questions that maybe u want to explain in your next vid. Could bank!!

  17. gtbear32

    where can i buy one at

  18. TurbotortoiseStickle

    I like it and think it’s a good idea. One of those things that survivalist and doomsday preppers are always looking for. Odd thing is, everyone should have something like this in the emergency supply closet. The power grid is pretty old and can’t handle the load on it now, and the demand is growing.

  19. TigerEatsPenguin

    Holy hell this is awesome pinching the pennies to get one of these bad boys!

  20. CaptainZuluGamma

    How do I buy one ??

  21. pharo2011

    Oh yes…I gotta get one of those!

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