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No matter what country you live in, pollution is a major topic on the agenda of nearly all these governments and most of the population. The main contributor to this pollution is the generation of electricity using fossil fuels and the pollutants and toxics they release into the air, we have of course made some progress in cleaning these pollutants before they are released but unfortunately we will never get completely free of these toxics whilst using fossil fuels. This along with the increase in cost to the user in their utility bills have seen an increase in private use of alternative energy systems to produce their own electricity, namely solar energy and wind power generation. The largest drawback to these two systems is when it is a poor day, no sun, no wind then neither will produce energy.


A magnetic electric generator is however not reliant on any weather conditions nor external source of energy. It is also a very environmentally friendly generator with no pollutant and toxics to release into the atmosphere. A magnetic electric generator is basically a free energy generator which uses magnets and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion also sometimes called continuous motion. What this means it runs indefinitely without stopping until such time as a mechanical failure occurs or someone switches it off. As the machine produces more electricity than it consumes, thus it provides us with free of running costs electricity (free electrical energy for your use).


As this generator can produce AC (alternating current) this can be used directly in the home and does not require a bank of batteries to store the energy. Image the savings on your household expenses using this machine and visualize just what else your family could enjoy with the extra money, produce more than you consume and you could get revenue of the utility companies. Now wouldn't that be a first them paying you instead of you paying them.

Another advantage to this system is that you will be helping the planet and reducing your carbon footprint. Research as also shown that homes fitted with green/alternative energy help when the time comes to move on and sell.

You deserve FREE reusable energy to heat or cool your home, light-up your house and operate your home appliances. The following system comes with a complete step by step instructions on how to build, set up and connect the this brilliant way of getting FREE electricity.

Go on REDUCE that Utility Bill and start now.

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