Longevity Welding Announces Important Tips While TIG Welding

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Hayward, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

How to TIG Weld is a question to be asked when you know the basics of welding first. When it comes to welding process and profession you can think on lot of options on the type of welding that can be done. Industries all over the world carry out designing, molding, cutting, welding, and joining the materials to result in to quality output. With high tech automation and programming coming in to market in the form of Computer Numerical Control, IGBT, and MOSFET welding world is changing and reaching to heights. said Simon Katz, President Longevity Welding. Amongst all types of welding types TIG welding is considered to be one of the popular ones. People from all over the welding industries like to study about How to TIG Weld. It is considered to be one of the popular types from choices like MIG, Oxyacetylene, and Stick. When you know all about how to TIG Weld, it will be simple to cut and weld metals like titanium, copper, and others.

With TIG weld it is simple to deal with two different metals. Arc of electricity is used in order to generate heat in the process of heating and cutting. Basically this process is used to take over the welding process for metals like steel or aluminum. Tungsten Inert Gas is used for the process. Irrespective of whether a person's a professional or a beginner in the field of TIG welding, he need to follow some basic steps. Application of steps will make it simple to know all about How to TIG Weld? Firstly he needs to select electrode ready for the process. Grinding the chosen electrode will be the next step. Grinding of tungsten is to be done up to a particular point until the tip turns rounded. For the next step he will have to insert electrode straight in the collet by removing the screws of the electrode holder.

After inserting the rod replace the back. Place the tip of electrode in collet in such a way that tip is on subject of

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