Linear Electric Generator ” one of a kind “

This electric generator exhibit was designed by myself in 2007 for engineering week of that year. Its simple in design and it works.

Linear Electric Generator " one of a kind "

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5 Responses to Linear Electric Generator ” one of a kind “

  1. hobatu

    @PhotonDrive Why would anyone put that thing on a car? Besides, it’s not the speed that matters in generating electricity — it’s the magnitude of the force causing it. Anyways, my recommendation for you is to use the brakes instead, if slowing down the car is what you’re after. It’s much cheaper than vibrating linear generators, and works at all speeds.

  2. easycamaro

    what is the point of this design?

  3. PhotonDrive

    There are ways of achieving this oscillation without body movement. For ex. the frontal air pressure on every rapidly moving car can cause such mag-coil sets to oscillate rapidly. Se “Mag Air Vibe Gen” for one such arrangement. China expects to use this tech to phase out all fuel-burners within 30 years. Boats too can run on self-generated mag-coil power, but there Turbine types are probably more efficient.

  4. AdminOnDuty

    Hmmm, I’m seeing a treadmill will magnets hovering over the belt and gen coils embedded in the belt…kewl.

  5. MrfixitRick

    Cool idea, nicely executed!

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