John Searl and Newton Part 1

John Searl and Newton Part 1

John Roy Robert Searl (born 2 May 1932) is the inventor of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) and the Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV), both are open system (system theory) energy converting devices, utilizing linear motor technology with sets of multi-phased rollers riding on a magnetic bearing. An electrical autodidact, Searl conducted his initial experimental research and development from 1946 to 1956. The SEG successfully generated electricity, but also unexpectedly repelled itself from the earth's gravity with a powerful lifting force; subsequently he was able to control it with the development of the IGV. A repeating set of simple dreams spanning six years inspired John Searl to build the first SEG prototype. Convinced of their import, he diligently interpreted them, realizing they detailed the principles for creating a uniquely superior electrical generator, yielding massive forces of energy. His first attempts to prove his theory took place as an apprentice employee of BR Rewinds at Grays Inn Road, London. There he gained permission to use the company's facilities and all of the technical resources needed to make the device. In December of 1946, with all of the magnetic components manufactured to his specifications, he assembled the unique generator at his residence at 30 Crawley Rd, Haringey, London, UK. In 1946 at age 14 1/2, he demonstrated his first 'prototype' of a alternative energy device he designed to be self-starting and not use any fuel of any kind. Born in ...

John Searl and Newton Part 1

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