induction motor converted in generator

induction motor converted in generator

this is 3 phase electric motor converted into a generator,i have used 3 capacitors 50 micropharad 450 volts,another generator as you can see on video is 2.2kW einhell generator,original alternator has burn out so i had to replace with this electric motor converted into a generator,and the small amer dc motor give output power of 400watt,all electric motors converted to generator on youtube or internet shows only measurments in volts or light a light bulb,my can light a lightbulb,power any electric machine,all i know is thet this works great,on the voltmeter you can see 415 volts,and on the 3 outputs i get 220 volts

induction motor converted in generator

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6 Responses to induction motor converted in generator

  1. web1bastler

    @ollieoniel why should he do that?
    its only oil wasting

  2. regiomontano50

    gracias por tus atenciones ya lo resolvimos estos problemas con grandes existo saludos y suerte

  3. regiomontano50

    muy buen trabajo me podria aydar a conectar 2 morores qeue tengo motores de trabajo de 127vca 1 de 1/2hp que me consume 7 amperios in carga y el otro que es de 1hp que me consume 13 amperios bajarlos para poder enganchar a un generador a 127 vca todo estaré infinitamente agradecido buenos dias mi corre es

  4. fonephat

    look up W C Andree engines & generators

  5. Manishwer23

    good for project…….

  6. avecvagars

    nice work. only to loud :)

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