Homemade 1.8kW Inverter-Generator

Homemade 1.8kW Inverter-Generator

I built this a Generator a couple of years ago, because we used to have alot of power outages, and I didn't like what I saw at Home-less Depot and Lowe's. Used it several times for power outages, our Ham Radio club's annual Field Day, and places where there is no AC. Although it puts out only 1800W, its battery-Inverter arrangement allows the gen-set to run in silent-mode (engine shut down). I have about 500Ah extra capacity I can add, so at 1kW load, I can run on batteries for about 6 hours (conservatively), and about 10 hrs at 500W load, before the engine need to be restarted to charge the batteries. I found the engine, alternator, inverter, and generator frame, all new, all on eBay. The Alternator, in case you didn't hear in the video (lots of noise) is a 140A OEM unit, and the engine is a Briggs & Stratton 6.0hp vertical-shaft, electric start. Xantrex makes the inverter (a Pro-Sine 1800 with 12V input, hard-wired 120VAC output), and the frame was from a Coleman 6500 generator. Wheels are pneumatic, and the steering mechanism turns via custom-made brass fitting. The engine drives the alternator by a K-6, 6-rib serpentine belt. Engine pulley is 7.00" dia., and the alternator pulley is 5.00" dia., from an old Ford smog-pump. I am no longer seeking suggestions for a its name- I'll just call it my 1.8kW Inverter-Generator.

Homemade 1.8kW Inverter-Generator

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21 Responses to Homemade 1.8kW Inverter-Generator

  1. SSD99

    @sheltiemanva: That’s really a good idea. I DID cover the alternator’s BAT terminal after I made this video, now I need to do it for the main terminals. As an interim safety precaution, I fitted the battery cables with quick-disconnect PowerPoles. They won’t prevent a short, but they will allow very quick disconnect of the batteries if a dead short does occur.

  2. c360henry

    Call it genny

  3. sheltiemanva

    I like it, VERY MUCH…but, you should cover the open lugs on the front of that thing.
    Having something metal touch the two poles and you have some major sparks, fire death…

  4. SSD99

    @frankfernandesfast: I may be interested in selling this one. I will need the room if I’m going to make a bigger one.

  5. died4hislove

    You can now watch the explanation on why my engine system is super-efficient by watching the following videos:

    1.) Principles That Makes My Engine SUPER-EFFICIENT ( Part 1)

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    4.) Principles That Makes My Engine SUPER-EFFICIENT ( Part 4)

  6. bcredsoxs

    call it the POWER MULE!!!

  7. frankfernandesfast

    can u make me one i can pay for it!!! love the idea and creativity!

  8. SSD99

    @N4ANE: I wasn’t there this year (family omittment), but I hear we took ~15K points and ran 16A, Battery.

  9. SSD99

    @tuongho1: several places throughout this thread I say how much.

  10. SSD99

    @N4ANE: Thanks- that’s what we did. We’ve (K8UO) been running QRP-battery every year and got 15K points this year (I think). I have north of 500Ah total battery capacity, and that helps for loooooong periods (like 24hrs).

  11. tuongho1

    How much it cost totally?

  12. N4ANE

    Thats just bad ass man great for field day 73 de N4ANE

  13. SSD99

    @Sixdouble5321: OK, but then it wouldn’t be a 2.5hp motor. It would be whatever (usually greater) the tweaks you describe give it. I think what you’re saying is that a smaller engine could put out 2.5hp with the cam & valve sizes. Beside, getting to that level of DIY is beyond the original scope of this project.

  14. Sixdouble5321

    @SSD99…I think with the right cam and valve sizes and intake a little 2.5HP motor could have enough torque to keep the Alternator spinning under load. Engine technology could be improved to do this so less gas is used to generate the watts.

    Just brainstorming.

  15. SSD99

    @Steveanders0n: Thank You! How do you mean “compare”? Price? Power output? features? I will say this: While spending nearlty $1,000 for a set-up that puts out less than 2kW, it’s rather expensive. But, when you consider that even a comparably-sized 2kW Inverter-generator can’t still make electricity with the engine off (because of battery back-up), you begin to see the differences between a DIY design like this and commercially-available units like at Homey or Lowe’s.

  16. SSD99

    @Sixdouble532:No. Let’s see, 2.5Hp x 500W/Hp = 1,250W. The Alternator is rated for 1,988W (140A x 14.2V). Of course it will not put out 140A all day long, but you can quickly see how it would stall 2.5hp engine. Besides, it’s always good to have a little headroom incase you need it

  17. Steveanders0n

    I love a thinking mans work. This is a nice setup I’m afraid to ask but was it comparable to a factory gen set?

  18. Sixdouble5321

    Why such a big motor? Couldn’t a 2.5HP motor still turn it the same?

  19. SSD99

    @AmeriSkunk: Depends on how far down they’ve been discharged, and the size of the battery pack. Mostly, I can charge everything up in 1- to 1.5hours.

  20. coldpak82

    Great Gen ! .I like it honestly.

  21. AmeriSkunk

    @SSD99 how long do you have to run the gas motor to charge all the batteries?

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