Home Electricity Generation – How To Generate 10 Kilowatts For Free With Magnets And Radiant Energy

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Home electricity generation has become a reality in the last few years and I am not talking about solar and wind power which give pretty measly returns. No, I'm talking about magnetic motor technology that allows you to generate almost unlimited energy at a near zero cost. Find out how in this article.

Radiant Energy

Radiant energy is a real scientific term (not pseudo-science) that is used to describe the energy all around us that can potentially be tapped into.

The classic example of this is solar energy. If you have a photovoltaic array then it can tap into light energy (light is just one type of electromagnetic energy) and convert it into electricity.

Light is not the only form of radiant energy. Other electromagnetic waves such as radio waves are also a source of radiant energy. Pioneer in electricity, Nikola Tesla, demonstrated this when he created and used the first wireless telephone in 1896.

Radiant energy is all around us - another example is the sun. It heats up the Earth and the energy is re-emitted as infrared radiation into the atmosphere. The amounts of energy we are talking about here are staggering. There is more than enough radiant energy available to us to supply the world's needs many times over without having any effect on the planet.

Why Are We Not Using This Radiant Energy On A Larger Scale?

There are very few mass-market applications of this technology currently. For example, a cellphone by Nokia is soon to be released that will charge itself on radio waves that are ever-present and all around us.

But what about much bigger applications like powering industry? You would have thought that, by now, someone would have created a much more powerful device that is capable of generating megawatts of electricity, right?

The most likely answer is that this technology continues to be suppressed. Think about it for a moment - what if governments were to suddenly admit that radiant energy has been known about for at least 100 hundred years but they have failed to invest in it. Instead, they have invested in fossil fuels and exploited the power and influence that comes with it. Were they to reveal the absolute 100% truth, no citizen would ever trust their governments again. So meanwhile, they are happy to see a slow release of this technology into minimal applications like charging a cellphone or powering an extremely basic radio.

Home Electricity Generation With Magnets

You can take advantage of radiant energy to produce several kilowatts of electricity for your home - around 10 kilowatts. This can be achieved with a magnetic motor generator.

This device is based on Tesla's work which has since been further developed by several pioneers in the intervening years. A magnetic motor consists of a lightweight (usually aluminium) rotor that is surrounded by several strategically placed neodymium magnets. Some basic wiring is also needed.

Such a device is capable of generating more than enough power for the average household's electrical needs. Contrary to what some people say, this is not a perpetual motion machine. Although the motor runs almost indefinitely on radiant energy, it must be switched off for downtime in order to service the bearings and to periodically replace the magnets which lose their strength over time.

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