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With the recent advent of bad weather, from hurricanes, to tornadoes, to snow storms, many homeowners are seeing the need to buy an electric power generator. Having a generator means that even when the electricity goes out, you can still heat and cool your home, keeping your family safe while riding out a storm. But the world of generators can be confusing. How can you know which electric power generator is for you?

The first thing you need to do before choosing an electric power generator is decide the amount of power you need for the functions you want. Nothing would be more discouraging than having a generator, only to find that it is not strong enough to keep your family safe when power does go out. If you need to run only the basics for survival, such as your furnace, a few lights, and your refrigerator, then a 5 kW generator will work. As you add power, you add functions.

For example, an electric power generator with 6.5 kW will provide you with your survival needs, as well as enough power to light one entire room of your home. For a little more comfort in an emergency, consider a generator with 10 kW of power. This generator will allow you to light three rooms and keep your emergency items running. If you want to have everything in your home running, including your air conditioning, then you need an electric power generator with 25 kW or more of power.

Remember, a generator is considered an emergency power source. Do not expect to be able to run all of the appliances and lights in your home with a generator. But, with a generator of enough power, you can stay comfortable while you ride out a storm.

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