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Many sources are predicting that what may soon become a major new source of power is by tidal power. There are several types of promising technology that are believed to be viable means to turn the power of the ocean into a usable form of energy. This promising kind of alternative energy has detractors who claim there are problems with implementing its use. I also learned to build my own wind mill DIY cheaply using a guide that I will share more about with you.

A natural source of energy that is more predictable than either solar or wind is power tapped from the forces of the ocean tides. If the total power of the worlds tides were converted into electricity, it is estimated by some that it would equal five times the current energy use of the world.

In the past, tide mills were used in some areas of Europe and eastern North America, which worked on a similar principle as wind mills. There are a few large tidal plants in operation, but at this time, France generates more power from tidal power than any other country.

In barrier type systems, power is generated as the water flows in with the tide through a barrier and is held in reservoirs. When the tide goes back out, the water level drops in the tanks and the system, using the motion of the water, works like a hydroelectric plant. Electricity is generated by turbines that use the motion of the flowing water to turn.

Using what is called tidal stream technology, the moving water turns turbines or other devices like horizontal cylinders that roll with the motion of the tides. This type works best in areas where strong tidal currents can turn the turbines. Another method is called lagooning, where water tanks some distance from shore fill and empty with the tides to generate power

Most experts feel that as a, alternate electricity generated by tidal power will grow rapidly in the near future. There are some who feel that more problems implementing tidal power than anticipated will be encountered, but it seems likely that, when necessity calls for it, they will be solved. I have personally managed to build my own home DIY wind mill system simply following a DIY guide online.

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