Generac Guardian 14kW generator and propane tank.

Generac Guardian 14kW generator and propane tank.

My latest and perhaps last big addition to my home.

Generac Guardian 14kW generator and propane tank.

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23 Responses to Generac Guardian 14kW generator and propane tank.

  1. CoolOhioGuy

    Cool. Im some what familiar with that area,, I travel 66 & 81 sometime when going out to West Va

  2. Virginia Wind

    We’re pretty close to each other then. I’m out 66, down 81 a bit, then west towards the mountains, If you’re familiar with Bryce Resort I’m a few miles from there.

  3. CoolOhioGuy

    Good timing with getting that there. loss of that meat would not of been too good, Im here near D.C up in Northern Va,, ready as can be for Sandy.. I really need to look into getting a back up Gen for future storms

  4. Virginia Wind

    We lost power here in the early summer and shortly after I had purchased a quarter of beef and filled my freezer. Having that meat thaw out would have been a big loss. As it was I lost nothing. The pay off on a generator can be a fairly long time if the power grid is stable, but it can pay for itself quickly when there’s a disaster. Sandy looks like will be at least partially hitting here, so I might be using the generator again soon.

  5. CoolOhioGuy

    those are good things to have, so need one here some day, when a deracho storm hit i was with out power for 3 days, shame i dont have one now with the approaching hurricane Sandy

  6. Virginia Wind

    Rather than open my septic tank to spill over, my plan is to put in place another solar power system like I have in my workshop. I can’t really go entirely off grid with my power, but I can set it up so I can selectively put some things such as my septic system onto the solar and still be functional.

  7. snowbird29803

    Well-done. Having the propane for more than just the generator is a good plan. Something to consider regarding your uphill leach-field. Can you add an “emergency” spillway? IOW, an alternate output at the septic tank that is capped or a closed gate valve in the normal operating mode, but could be opened when there is an extended power failure?

  8. uslead

    now I have one of these we will hook it up soon

  9. uslead

    same day ours went in Lynchburg va for 6 days

  10. Virginia Wind

    That sounds about right for moderate use, but the guy that did the installation told me the propane consumption would depend upon how heavily I taxed the generator. When its running I try not to do things that use a lot of electricity.

  11. MrBigbmcc

    100lb of propane = 40hr

  12. Virginia Wind

    I’ve had the generator for two years now, and oddly most of the time it has turned on due to a power outage it has been when I am out of town. You might think when out of town I don’t need power anyway, but the fact is I have a chest freezer with a lot of meat in it, plus of course milk and eggs in the fridge. A couple of weeks ago I had a two day grid down when I was visiting family a day’s drive away. My freezer had plenty of power and I returned to no spoilage at all. Thumbs up in my opinion.

  13. CenterTree777

    You did a GREAT job with this informative video,,,thanks!!

  14. Virginia Wind

    Oh I’m already happy I have this generator. It saved the contents of my fridge, and two chest freezers a couple of days ago.

  15. WarcraftHermit

    our power went out friday night 6/29/12 and we got it back monday wish i had a generator like that.. One day you will be very happy you have it!!

  16. Virginia Wind

    Since I had this generator installed I’ve not had to use it once. It has came on during the night when the power went out, but I only know about that because my neighbor mentioned it.
    I’m not sure how reliable my internet signal is during a power outage as it has only happened once and I was able to maintain my connection. That was before I installed the generator and was able to briefly run my system with solar power. Maybe that’s because the line is an underground fiber optic cable?

  17. Youngopie

    We’re about to have this exact 14 kW unit installed with two 120 gallon tanks linked together. Our driver was losing power for 5 days last year with Hurricane Irene along with it going out again during an October snow storm. Not to be a downer but most high speed internet services are run on electric poles or have other above ground aspects. Generally, if your power is out, so too will your internet. Your alternative there is satellite internet which you can get via standard Direct TV dish.

  18. Virginia Wind

    I work from home and can’t bill if I’m off line. 24 hours of no power is a lost day of wages. a 7 or 8 day power outage would hurt.

  19. Technoreviews411

    24 hours is nothing. Up here in new england we loose power for 7 days or more at a time. During the october snow storm my entire town (15,000 people) had no power for 6 days before even one person got restored.. we did not have power for 8 days. Same thing happened for the augest huricane and for the ice storm in 08 and we will lose power for an hour or 2 every once and a while.

  20. hurrayupplease

    the unit you have uses 2.30 gal an hour at full load, and 1.5 gallons at 1/2 load

    based on 1.5 gallons an hour, you could run for days

  21. Virginia Wind

    The size tank I bought was driven by cost to some extent, but also by my usage. I heat with firewood, and only my water heater and cook stove run off of propane. My water heater is one of those on demand kind, so its pretty economical. The main thing I’m trying to do here is keep my septic tank pumped and my internet on. I work from home so I lose income when the power is out. If power is out, I can only flush a few times before my septic tank is full. This fixes that.

  22. hurrayupplease

    Looks like a good install
    I would consider getting a bigger propane tank though
    If you’re heating with gas and running your genny, you may want to consider getting at least a 500 gallon tank

  23. James1toknow


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