Free Energy – How To Build MAGNET MOTOR to Generate Electricity For Your Home

Free Energy - How To Build MAGNET MOTOR to Generate Electricity For Your Home - It would seem that a magnet energy generator is the next big thing to hit the renewable home energy market. Using the power of magnets to generate electricity does sound rather far fetched and a little out of the ordinary to many people. This is one of the reasons why so much has been written and talked about just recently on this very subject but do they really work and is a magnet energy generator a realistic and long term option for home electricity? Well, for a start, let's explore the great benefits of an electric generator. First up, the electricity they produce is a form of clean, renewable energy which will provide power to your home for life. This means that your energy generator will not emit any harmful gasses or toxins into the atmosphere, hence the term clean energy which in turn, makes a magnet energy generator a completely harmless and safe device to use. Furthermore, a generator will have the capability to power itself - it does not require plugging into a wall socket to work! Secondly, a magnet energy generator is very, very simple and quick to build. Many people imagine these to be incredibly complex and highly detailed units to build but this is simply not the case at all. Also, I know of people who have built their generators in under 2 hours but even at a steady pace, 1 day should be more than enough time to get going regardless of DIY skills and the parts you require are available anywhere. Lastly, a generator will give you the ...

Free Energy - How To Build MAGNET MOTOR to Generate Electricity For Your Home

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19 Responses to Free Energy – How To Build MAGNET MOTOR to Generate Electricity For Your Home

  1. diceclayman

    where can I buy one and who can install it and make it functional? How much does it cost for the generator and cost to install??

  2. diceclayman

    where can I buy one and who can install it and make it functional?

  3. a1mint

    The law of nature about the conservation of energy states that you can not create or destroy energy. There is no such thing as free energy. Every bit of energy is accounted for. You can only convert energy from one form to another form.
    A device that output energy, needs at least the same amount of energy on its input.

  4. Sk8SavedMyLife

    @SuperBigbadman 2008, but this is as old as Nikola Tesla.

  5. TheLyricsarelove

    is possible =]

  6. TheLyricsarelove

    of course its bloody possible. there are blueprints all over youtube, of course for simpler ones that can be upgraded to this video’s portrayal. like us realists are saying…. to make this a public and worldwide thing would ruin all econ and structure in this world. Possibly its ultimately our job to get the world away from the oil…. i mean its a big universe…. pyramids were built magically, and other such we have heard on ancient aliens… (not saying i think anything is true) anything

  7. abz2000123

    as soon as i saw the way the reporter was heckling him, i had that feeling his bosses weren’t happy with the idea of people having independent energy, he actually saw the damn thing working, i imagined some billionaire investor muffling it, then the reporter talks about a millionaire trying to muffle it in australia, it’s pretty obvious that it’s possible – if you can do it with electromagnets, then natural magnets can likely do the job with a little nudge.

  8. dljc1979

    all these kinds of free energy machines were invented and proven true back when tesla was still alive..

  9. dljc1979

    they are cautious because it’s gonna arsefuck the worlds major power producers.

  10. Yahimiko

    if the size of that could over fuel a house could u imagine the size needed to run a car?

  11. Emseeneel

    This is what the dependence on oil has done for us. Make us watch 15 year old videos of technology that nowadays scientists say is “impossible”. Thank you Oil-Based-Economy, you have been a great help. ;)

  12. 66rickg

    I should add, it was well done if that was the case…I checked patents and found dozens of them all over the world.

  13. 66rickg

    I watched it for the first time about 3 years ago. I did some research at the time and again about 1 year later. Both times I found this company’s website had things on hold for ‘a major development regarding a major investor’. Sadly, I think it was BS.

  14. SuperBigbadman

    does anyone know how old this video is?

  15. indianchief741

    But it didn’t tell us how to build it! waste of my time.

  16. latonaj

    well done…clears throat…tesla…

  17. kennyalhavg

    too bad some one will buy him out, just like big oil companies bought out the hydro car

  18. Deathragous

    i wanna slap the news brodcaster at the end.. ” hmm.. good idea”
    damn strait! Great Idea!! Best of luck! put those physicists back to work

  19. JohnAltenburg

    I don’t want plans, I want the machine.
    Will take a check?

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