Electric generators work by?

electric generators

Electric generators work by?

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Answer by Robert H
Gas usually

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4 Responses to Electric generators work by?

  1. MG

    burning fuel, using the combustion to crank a gear shaft, which spins magnets, which creates a current that is sent to your house and or device.

  2. Pinky

    An electric generator works by a motor, which produces electric power.

  3. Who now?

    Usually it is connected to an engine some how. The engine turns an armature (egg beater looking aparatus made of conductor) that spins between 2 magnets. As it cuts the magnetic fields, an electric current is created. Then the current is transformed if needs be and monitored by a current regulator and a variable resistor.

  4. Richard

    Energy is transmitted by a shaft to a an armature the armature is surrounded by magnets. As armature passed through the magnetic fields, an electric current is created.

    The shaft can be turned by many things, gas, steam, water, what you are doing is coveting mechanical work into electricity.

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