Eastern Tools & Equipment IN 1800i Generator Review

Eastern Tools & Equipment IN 1800i Generator Review

Visit www.tailgatingideas.com for more detailed information Tailgating with a portable generator can be easy and convenient with the Eastern tools & Equipment IN 1800i Inverter/Generator. I was able to test out the ETQ IN 1800i in a simulated tailgate party environment and I was very impressed. Highly sensitive electronics like a flat screen TV and DVR were unaffected by any power surges and the ETQ Nn 1800i provided clean and consistent electrical power to keep all my tailgating appliances running smooth. To learn more about the ETQ IN 1800i, visit www.tailgatingideas.com

Eastern Tools & Equipment IN 1800i Generator Review

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5 Responses to Eastern Tools & Equipment IN 1800i Generator Review

  1. willysnowman

    man, that is one loud blender

  2. toprun95

    Video very well done. But I must say that is a loud generator. Try the Honda 1000 watt model, it takes regular gas, is pretty quiet and produces very clean electricity. No-Name generators like the one in this video can be unreliable and very problematic. How would this generator hold up to steady use?

    Th video was good but the product I’m not sure, but it is loud.

  3. mosslager

    Too loud for my liking but maybe 100ft extension cord would help

  4. HQRNY12

    The generator is louder than your voice and TV, I would stick with the honda at 54db

  5. gardnerbm

    The local northern tools has this model on closeout at $200, im seriously thinking about it

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