DIY Solar Electric Panel SOLDER FREE connections solar power generation

DIY Solar Electric Panel SOLDER FREE connections solar power generation This is a good option for anyone wanting to experiment with DIY solar panels but do not want to use hot solder. This works good if you have a good clean connection and you are willing to sacrifice about 5% of the solar cells over all watt output. You can actually make smaller panels this way increasing the wattage per square meter and saving on glass dimensions. This option works perfectly for joining together broken cells and making artistic designs with solar scraps that really produce power. This option is also perfect for solar model builders as this makes the panel one semi-rigid piece.

DIY Solar Electric Panel SOLDER FREE connections solar power generation

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13 Responses to DIY Solar Electric Panel SOLDER FREE connections solar power generation

  1. IGotSkillz4Realz

    I understand that solar cells are in the sun all the time, therefore aren’t we worried about thermal expansion? Wouldn’t the constant heating and cooling cause the cells to expand and contract? and wouldn’t that cause the glue bonds to crack? Can you please test this theory to test the durability of the conductive glue?

  2. OJA23122011

    Dan I think the better way is to put the gleu on a thin peace of conductive metal thats and stick the edges of the panel to it but we could use more gleu i guess double the amount u used but I guess it’s better because this way we’re not going to loose any serface of the panels cos we going to use the back side of the edges, ha tel me what do thing isn’t cool idea

  3. OJA23122011

    Good idea thanks for sharing it with us but where is the second part let us see how the wiring going to be thanks man keep up the good work

  4. vermiman

    Still waiting on your method of encapsulating.

  5. BigAlxr7007

    Good Idea Dan
    Where is your Part 2 For Wiring and building a panel you were saying at the end of this video?

  6. lostburro


  7. dieselplow

    Solar Penny – Best Prices on Solar Panels SolarPenny . com

  8. banditman0000

    What is the glue brand name and where can i buy some?

  9. Clantools


    Could you build your frame first then put glass side down and glue your panels in one at a time laying them on the glass for support. as you glue them. then all you would need to do is seal the back and make your conections. would that work. Hope you understand what I’m talking about.

    Also we have alot you yard sales in Al. and you can find lots of large ugly picture cheap but they are covered with glass frames could you burn the picture and you the glass frame.


  10. carr869

    I cant help myself I have to come back and say something about this stuff. I’m putting together little 1″ pieces that would have been tossed. Not sure what I’m gonna do with it but it’ll be fun to seeif it’ll charge my phone.

  11. carr869

    Well I bought some of this stuff and I must say it works pretty good. Glad I bought it. It makes it very easy to use those broken cells. Thank you Dan & Deniese.

  12. BigAlxr7007

    Another great idea from Dan.
    You should delete all the dislike comments from people who have nothing to do
    If people have nothimg good to say,they should not fay anything at all.
    My comment is you are just trying to help people do things the easy way,.
    I enjoy all the great ideas you come up with.
    You are the mam Dan.
    Keep up the Great!! work


  13. kd8fki

    Can not wait for next video. Also how reliable is this glue what is the longevity of it and becides from video what has been pros and cons of the glue and how well does it work under the topical encapsolation.

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