Discover How to Build a Magnet Generator and How to Build a Electric Generator

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How to build a electric generator is the top hit in this century. The electric power bill increases everyday cause of the increasing cost of oil, gas and Lignite and sometime no reasons. There are a few electric generator types that we can build in our home, wind turbine, solar panels and magnetic generator. In personally, a magnetic electric generator is the best now, so you could change your question from how to build a electric generator to how to build a magnet generator.

There are a lot of types to create the electricity that are used in the power plants, Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Water Turbine (at dam), Nuclear Plant, Wind Turbine, Wave Energy, Solar Cells and etc., you can see most of them release many of pollutions and cannot be used for private home. So, it remains just 3 types to answer how to build a electric generator.

1) Wind power generator, it is no pollutions but it require big sheer space.

2) Solar cells panels, it requires large space too, and it does not work well in rainy season and winter.

3) Magnet home generator, this type of homemade electric generator is not known widely, Why?

This technique has been used for 30 years ago in European factories but it has been hidden in our country. Because if we know and use it to generate power for our house, we can save the money up to 40% or more than, then the power plant companies try to hide it.

How to build a magnet generator, before you know this technique, you should know about its advantage.

1) Magnet home generator requires a little bit space for installation.

2) This homemade electric generators work well in any conditions, any seasons and any locations.

3) Magnet home generator can be built easily even by the high-school child.

4) Cost of it is too low.


So, how to build a magnet generator, this homemade electric generators use a basic engineering about magnet, it brings in free electrical power in the continuous motions of magnets housed inside the generator. As you might be conscious, like sides of two magnets repel every single other and in contrast to sides attract every single other. The magnetic generator can make use of this attribute of magnets to assure that they keep in continuous movement, thereby creating power that you could use.

Do not worry there are 2-3 guide-books that teach step by step about how to build a magnet generator or how to build a electric generator. Their price is just around - and you will buy some electric parts for assembling that cost around -0, and you can save your power bill about ,000-,000 per year (Wow! ,000 in next ten years is so good).

Now you have some ideas about how to build a magnet generator and how to build a electric generator, so you can save your money, save our earth and be the one that protects the world for our children.

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You might be shocked to find out that how simple it can be to cut costs on electrical power costs in your own home by opting a green base of Magnet home generator, that could not just help save your cash but you will save the world.

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