Dashboard – HHO Generator Part 2

Dashboard - HHO Generator Part 2

www.hho4free.com ......Website recently Updated.......Lots of HHO information............... Generator is in a 4 inch container, made from 304 stainless steel. Three ss tubes inside, 12 inches tall, Negative Cathode in the middle, Neutral, Positive Anode. The is mounted on the outside so I can Demonstrate it to the public. It turns heads. I welded a trailer hitch mounting bar to the front tow hook and put the cell on it. I am using a PWM for pulsed DC - so I had to isolate the PWM 12 volt Motor Negative from the chassis ground. The electrical parts I describe in the video are the same parts listed in my video on Electrical Parts. Visit my website, hho4free, to learn more about the parts and where to obtain them. The cell is very safe. I do not use a bubbler, by design. There are 4 inches of free space above the water to handle foam, if there is any. As you can see in the video, there is no foam. The tubes are Magnetically Aligned. That propels the HHO to the surface and out the hose. Since the HHO is fed into the Intake Manifold, the motor pistons suck the HHO from the cell - creating 30 pounds of vacuum. I use a brass valve to adjust the vacuum down to 15 pounds PSI. The cell produces 1 to 2 liters of HHO per minute; depending on the PWM adjustment - which I monitor and change from the dash board. Using HHO as an additive to assist with the burning of the gasoline, the 1994 GEO Tracker gets 35 MPG. Without the HHO, it gets 24 MPG. That is a 45.84% increase.

Dashboard - HHO Generator Part 2

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