Can you power a light bulb with an electric motor?

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Can you power a light bulb with an electric motor?
I know that spinning an electric motor makes electricity, it's what they use at Hoover Dam. If you were to spin a motor by hand, and hook two wires from it to a light bulb, would it work?

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Answer by Steve
Used as you describe, it wouldn't be a motor, but a generator. It would work only if the motor you start with was capable of providing back EMF when forced to rotate.
Remember that a motor is optimized to turn electrical energy into mechanical, so you would likely have a poor efficiency of conversion in the opposite direction.........
Think of the generators used to light bicycle lights by letting the tire spin a serrated wheel on the generator drive shaft.

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2 Responses to Can you power a light bulb with an electric motor?

  1. hobart_elf


    You would need step-up gearing to make the motor deliver its rated output voltage and current.

    I suggest a crank-handle and pulley system with a considerable step-up ratio.

  2. billrussell42

    they use generators at Hoover dam.

    Some motors will produce some electricity when spun, some won’t, depends on the design.

    For your example, depends on the motor, the light bulb and how fast you spin it.


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