AC Generator

AC Generator

This educational video is brought to you by Manipal K-12 Technologies formerly Edurite Technologies- a leading provider of educational content and learning solutions. Learn about the applications of AC Generator , its definition, working, principle and components.

AC Generator

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12 Responses to AC Generator

  1. 19hashan93

    Ah I see. Thanks very much Mate :-)

  2. mayujoshi1

    by using mechanical energy ( i.g. in thermal power station we use steam turbine which is coupled with armature, same in hydroelectric n nuclear power station) we can rotate armature

  3. coldarc

    magnets suck. coils better. use the load resistance to generate the magnetic fields you need to induce the electric potential needed to form a current as big as there is watts worth of power in the load as there is torque were torque in is equal to power out 100% efficient minus friction by brushes and bearings.

  4. hooky188

    it is but this is american -.-

  5. Kamran Zaabar

    its both LHR and RHR

  6. Mariam0714

    isn’t it fleming’s LHR?

  7. 19hashan93

    Brilliant. Thanks very much :-)

  8. IcantDunk

    usually, in a power station, this will be powered by another rotating shaft, which may be turned by the rising of steam or such.

  9. 19hashan93

    How does the armature spin? as in, what makes the armature rotate?

  10. steve macangois

    a question for anyone who can help me? do generators such as the diagram at 2:30 contain the neutral wire. im a little bit confused. if that supply was at my socket outlet in my house, would whats happening in the diagram only represent the actions in my live wire (back and forth). or is the diagram representing what happening in my live, then my neutral etc etc?

  11. sandustanBrasov

    • SandustanBrasov
    • The electricity is the total of phenomenons produced of the electrical loads in motion or in repose. The electron is not an electrical load, but an elementary particle from the composition of any atom, and is only a particle with intermediate role in the unfolding of the electrical phenomenons. The real electrical load is a particle of electrical ether – of ethereal matter.

  12. sandustanBrasov

    • SandustanBrasov
    About the light from the electrical bulb the spacial brothers say us: “We see how the electrical ether -named of you electricity- how flow on the electrical wire on him above and it drain through the bulb’s filament as in a watering can and give the seen light of you. This electrical ether is gathered by the yours generators through the rotor’s rotation which attract thise particles from space, it condense them and send them through the yours wires as let will lighten on you.

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