A Winco Tri Fuel Portable Generator Means Quality

Winco has been in the business of manufacturing and selling portable generators since 1927, and tri-fuel is just one of its products.

You can count on Winco for top quality and great value. In addition to portable generators, Winco also makes packaged standbys, PTO generators, two bearing generators, mobile lighting and diesels, automatic transfer switches, and an emergency series of generator and lighting products.

There are two styles of tri-fuel portable generators made by Winco. Either can run on gasoline, natural gas or L.P. gas. In fact, if you use one fuel but later want to convert to another fuel source for your Winco you can easily do so. The engines for these Winco tri-fuel portable generators have long lives and protection against low levels of oil. They are top quality and quite powerful, with voltage protection and regulation to assure top-notch safety and reliability. You can have 120 or 240-volt single phase for AC, with electric power that is 60 cycle from output panel receptacles in these Winco generators.

The superb features of the tri-fuel portable generator by Winco include two excellent brand choices of overhead valve engines - Honda or Briggs & Stratton; specialized carburetion and gas regulation to keep the engine operating on its most convenient fuel, whether its natural gas, L.P. gas or gasoline. You won't have to worry about maintenance with Winco's electronic system of ignition and its air two-element air filtering system.

These Winco tri-fuel portables are efficient and highly dependable. They offer stable, precise output and top of the line reliability. Their windings are all copper, with capacitor excitation that provides brushless generator operation.

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