A simple electric generator — Invention (free energy)

This invention is used on a bicycle, as a No-friction Bike Dynamo. Website: www.freelights.co.uk

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25 Responses to A simple electric generator — Invention (free energy)

  1. TimSAksu

    an inefficient conversion at that

  2. VerystrangeMaster

    So where is the free energy ?

  3. jakeskatesgood

    you can get cardboard make it into a rectangle with no caps wrap it with copper put a nail through the cardboard attach magnets to that and the spin the nail and it makes energy and i think wat he meant by free energy is that it didnt take money besides the money to make it

  4. MrSkyeman1

    ya know they alredy have made free energy! heres what they did. now in outerspace there is no gravity and its a vaccum so theres no air friction. so as you can see theres limmitless difforent ways you could do it in outer space but doing it on the planet with the gravity and such is what would be nice. i have a design that i think should work i just need a little starting money. any1 that wants to invest is more that welcome !!! :)

  5. bantekiatgmaildotcom

    It’s not actually “free energy” if you are expending energy to create it. It’s not creating more energy than it is receiving. It is merely converting physical energy into electrical energy. Not “free energy” but “energy conversion”.

  6. darellpogs

    i have question…. how can i do it??…

  7. xtruder02

    well, this generator can be used in bikes in order to use the human body mechanical energy and turn it into electric energy….
    good video. i made a dynamo to but i didnt used a led, i used a normal 6 v. light… but is harder to turn it on than a led XDDDD.

  8. ultimabass

    Didn’t Freeman Dyson concieve something that could harness star energy? I know the Dyson Sphere was one of those conceptions

  9. aqwiz

    yeah, but the problem with it not being “free energy” (at least for me) is that he has to put effort into generating the energy, (kinetic force) which means that he has to spend the energy he is generating from his own body, sure on a bicycle there is plenty of leftover energy in the momentum etc. but it isn’t a “NO friction” dynamo as the electric current resists the magnetic movement creating a drag on the bike wheel, no matter how you slice it.

  10. crapkillerz

    You are probably right, i just kind of assumed he thought he was pulling energy out of no where.

  11. 3dSorcery

    True, but if we could harness the energy from exploding stars, it’s effectively free. I think a lot of people on here mistake “free” energy for “creating” energy. When people say “free” energy, they mean a device or source of energy that can output more usable energy than it took to build. A dam is a great example. A dam is “free” energy because it is going to produce indefinitely after the initial build. This idea shouldn’t be discarded with those who claim “creating” energy.

  12. abmod03

    I built a Magnetic Generator that I currently use to power all my kitchen appliances using the plans at:

  13. taraff1

    I built a Magnetic Generator that I am currently using to power all my kitchen appliances using the plans at:

  14. LoneOarman

    Or from the sun. Here’s an earth battery on a disposable camera powering a 48inch florescent bulb 24/7:

  15. crapkillerz

    Some energy had to be used to create those radio waves, Whether it be a radio station or a star exploding.

  16. LoneOarman

    Simple Antenna = Free Energy from radio waves:

  17. lionsforlyons

    not free energy ur burnin calories to power it

  18. PunchThat

    I would power my house with this if I could convince someone to wave a wave around all day infront of it. :) I like the concept behind this though.

  19. dmix09

    lol not even

  20. DLPBurke

    yes fir about 1 kettle boil lmao

  21. jamespetts2

    Strictly, it’s not free energy, since, although you have eliminated mechanical resistance, there is still the magnetic drag that provides the power in the first place. Your invention does not violate laws of thermodynamics ;-)

  22. dmix09

    yaaay i can power my house with that!

  23. iwico


    1. You must use very strong (real earth) magnets, not black color toy mangets.
    2. The copper wire is about 0.1mm diameter, about 1000 turns.
    3. Before try, use a muiltmeter check coil and LED are OK.

    Hope this helps
    Mr Q Gang

  24. sumayyah1331

    what is the gauge of your wire??
    and details
    we tried it a few times with different factors
    and it still doesnt work
    wed still like to try it until it works

  25. mike4ty4

    Free energy? No, just an ordinary electric generator (mechanical energy -> electrical energy converter.). Built a little different maybe but still…

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